200(!) - Close Personal Friend John Starks

I met John Starks, one of my favorite basketball players of all time, recently at a library reading event. He was listed at 6' 5" during his pro career, yet we are just about the same height. I never realized I was that tall. Perhaps its because I was never measured professionally.

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GARRHHGH said...

John Starks is the fucking man.

That guy was soul of the 1990s Knicks, and when he left, part of me stopped caring about them.

Almost nobody in professional basketball ever played as hard as he did every second on the court. He played like every game was his last, and every game was for personal pride. He made it great to be a Knicks fan.

I'd be jealous, except I'm 5'10 and would look like a child next to him.

Also, I'd probably be a total dick and do the spike-lee 'choke' thing and then get my ass kicked.