206 - Peeps from the Peeps peeps

I wrote a Salute to the Stale Peep for Long Island Pulse magazine. I guess the Peeps peeps found it because they sent me double secret unreleased Peeps.The blank white packages contain the actual Peeps, the other bags are mock ups full of macaroni. Thanks Peeps peeps!

205 — SPACEMoNKEEZ ... from SPACE!

My band, SPACEMoNKEEZ, has made our new record cassette album tape available for free download on bandcamp.com Get you one!

204 - The life of O'Reilly

After three satisfying years, tonight is my last at the Baldwin Herald. This is a link to the final long form story I wrote and photographed for the paper. It's a look at people still struggling to recoup money they were promised after Hurricane Sandy. I think it's a strong feature and good way to close this educational chapter of my career. 

203 - Spacemonkeys: I Need a Hug

Below is the first release from my band, Spacemonkeez. This song contains many naughty words and is not appropriate for any type of consumption whatsoever.

The complete album, "Spacemonkeez: Record Album Cassette Tape Cartridge," has been spotted in low-Earth orbit and will drop soon. If you'd like to download the tape, email me.

202 - An addict speaks

Photo by Chris Connolly

I wrote this story about "Randy," who spent the better part of the last decade hooked on opiates. He was very illuminating about the structure of the local drug problem. Words and photos mine.