210 - Getting Strong Now...

Read my story about working out with former Yankees strength and conditioning coach Dana Cavalea here.

209 - Venezuela Proposes Fingerprinting Grocery Shoppers

Hi everyone. I wrote a story today about Venezuela's proposal to start fingerprinting common grocery shoppers. Check it out on Vice.

208 — Media Darling: My interview with Ron Darling

When I was 11 or so, I won a whole bunch of awards for a great season in Park Slope Little League. They had Ron Darling come by to present the awards, and every time I went up on stage, he shook my hand and said, "You again?!?" and was just totally cool and charming. It was a great night for me. Last month I had a chance to interview Darling for Long Island Pulse, and he was very nice and charming once again. I told him about our shared past, but he didn't remember me. I guess I can't fault him for that since he seems to show up at so many events. You can read my full interview with him here.

207 - The Origins of 4.20

I wrote a piece for Vice about the origins of the link between marijuana and the number 420. Check it. 

206 - Peeps from the Peeps peeps

I wrote a Salute to the Stale Peep for Long Island Pulse magazine. I guess the Peeps peeps found it because they sent me double secret unreleased Peeps.The blank white packages contain the actual Peeps, the other bags are mock ups full of macaroni. Thanks Peeps peeps!