10 Common Betting Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Are you new to sports betting or struggling to make a profit? Avoid these 10 common betting mistakes and increase your chances of success. Learn more at Betmake.net.

Reviewing all the livescores today

Usually, people who love football can face a problem. It is certainly possible to find all the livescores that they want.

How to complete the Betway login procedure

Today, it’s very easy to get access to your account. The Betway login procedure assumes that you only need to enter your username and password in the special fields.

226 — Grain, from Maine

I have a new story about Maine's Grain Surfboards in the current issue of Outside Magazine. Peep it!

225 - Traveling with a Purpose

There's always a reward when you travel. Visiting another place allows us to bring home memories, knowledge and an expanded view of the world. In my latest piece however, I highlight travel opportunities with quantifiable takeaways like performing volunteer work or obtaining skills and certifications.