#30 - (Continued) Bad Grammar, Misspelled Tattoos

The other day I was looking back at this post and thinking about how amazingly awesome the "I know your in der" picture above is and I started wondering if there were other examples of tattoos with misspelled words or mishandled grammar. I turned to the Internets and after an exhaustive search I found the following images, each of them more face-burning than the last. Enjoy!

Misspelled Tattoos

Fallen Hero's what?

This one has an interesting backstory. This guy was (understandably) mad at the artist for inking the word "Chi-tonw" on his neck, so he sued the tattoo shop. But when news of his lawsuit reached the press, the shop was flooded by other people requesting deliberately misspelled Chi-tonw tats.

Actually, I'm juging you too.

To stupid too make permanent alterations two your body

Misspelling aside, it doesn't know what?

Maybe. But evidence is mounting that you are not.

And are you winning?

Of spelling?

This guy leap's before he look's

Best/Worst of the Rest
In my search I saw a lot of awesomely bad tats. Here are few non-grammar related gems.

Okay, so this guy probably wasn't real handsome before, but I still think this was a misstep.

I love this tat almost as much as this guy loves bacon. Almost.

What's scarier, the thought that there's a tattoo artist this bad, or that the artist who inked this did a good job and the kid really looks like that?

This takes stupid so far it becomes genius. But I do wish he weren't drinking from a bottle.

Again, this rules. This horribly rendered drunken snowman is peeing himself and apparently loving it.

I strained every creative fiber in my being trying to devise a scenario that would result in the tattoo above and failed. I mean, even if this guy lost a bet, what's the worst the winner could do? Kill him? And isn't being dead better than going through life with this tattoo? Then I looked this up and it turns out the guy got the tat TO WIN LAKER TICKETS FROM A RADIO STATION! Good lord! I assumed at least one of his children was being held hostage or something. Now I think I love this guy.


rebecca said...

Honestly you'd think the tattoo artist would tell some of these people "What you're about to tattoo on your body is misspelled!"
this made me laugh thanks

Anonymous said...

What scares me off getting a tattoo are the misspellings I've seen on signs outside tattoo parlours.

Anonymous said...