175 - Akin didn't say one damn thing he doesn't actually think

Image lifted from http://jlestrange.deviantart.com. Love your style!

One of great core differences in the conservative and progressive movements was brought to the fore by Todd Akin's comments on questionable reality of rape. When arch conservatives give voice to their actual views, they render themselves unelectable. Akin, and his partymates, aren't suddenly looking to change their thoughts about women, they're only looking to mitigate the damage done by someone who was unguarded enough to speak them. That sucks!

The republican party is now in the hands of a group of people whose main mandate is to think one thing, but say something else, because their real views are so beastly they must-not-be-named. This holds true socially, of course, where their brute, stupid notions regarding equality read like middle school playground myths. But it's likewise true economically, where they have to pretend that, WOW!, the very economic stances that benefit them personally, also happen to be in the best interest of the voters they need to get elected. 

Liberals may come off as weak and "kindergarten-y" when voicing their views, but at least they can say what they actually think. The conservative hunt for a replacement for Akin won't be for someone who believes differently, it will only be for someone who hasn't been stupid enough to say it. 

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