#142 - Potato Ball in Potato Cube

I spent most of yesterday accidentally shorting out the whole computer system in the office, but when I wasn't doing that I was researching Healthy Holiday Eating for a story. During that search I ran across perhaps the most useless culinary technique I've ever seen, which, needless to say, I had to run home and try.

And so, don't ask me how to cook it, or what you'd ever need it for, but here's how to make the Potato Ball in a Potato Cube:

1. Try to move from your desk to the desk across from you.
2. In pushing the wires from your area under the cube wall to the area next to yours, expose a wire (or something) that shorts out the entire server system for your area.
3. Take a medium-size potato and cut it into a cube.
4. Etch a square into each face of the cube.
5. Cut out the corners of the squares you've etched until the overall shape of the ball-in-a-cube begins to emerge.
6. Whittle around the edges of the inner ball until it comes free from its cage. (But allow it only the illusion of freedom. Remind it that, in reality, it's still just one small bit of potato trapped in a larger world of potato.)
7. Shape the inner potato into a ball.
8. Never try to improve your situation again.

And that's how you make a potato ball in a potato cube.