#18 (Continued) - Females Sighted Bringing Their Own Full-Size Pillow On Planes, By Race

White: 1
Latina: 1

This update reflects two individual sightings by two individual sighters--faithful reader and contributor, Leon, and extremely faithful reader and contributor, Me. Leon was good enough to photograph the OPC he saw flying from San Diego to JFK. He says she was Latina and brought, not only her own pillow, but her own blanket.

I sighted a second OPC on my way from Ft. Lauderdale to Exuma in the Bahamas. She laid her pillow out against a window at her gate and went to sleep right on the floor. She was white. Inspired by Leon, I shall now try to photograph all OPCs I encounter in the future.

Overall Total
White: 26 (1 male)
Other: 1 (Latina)

(If you sight an own-pillow carrier (OPC,) please email [email protected] with your tally, the race of the OPC or OPCs, and your route. Alternately, you may simply add the same information in the comments section below.)