#54 - Poladroid

I think we were all pretty pleased with the results of my last foray into digital image alteration, so here's a new piece of photo freeware I found. Poladroid is a cool new Mac application (PC version due soon) that you can download and use to artificially devolve your crisp digital images into old school Polaroid lookin' ones! The program's a snap to use and the photos you transform even "develop" slowly the way real Polaroids did. You'll practically find yourself wanting to shake and blow on them.

Here are a few shots of the family from the late 70s. (Click through for larger images)

Fatty Fatty Two Tooth in a straw hat

The Young Gentlemen in their Halloween costumes

The hard part of getting this shot was persuading both the boy and the hippo to look into the camera at the same time. I need hardly even add that whatever toy came in this box has never been used.

Oliver in leaves

Chris and Oliver, the perfect wave, Cape Saint Francis, South Africa


g.langford said...

this technology is very nice. it works better on some photos. fatty fatty two tooth and the perfect wave are outstanding. the others have more modern color rendering. you could always switch to shooting with polaroid.

Chris Connolly said...

Fatty Fatty Two Tooth and the Perfect Wave are my favorite native Hawaiian surf music band.