#61- Websites That Simultaneously Skewer Me and Make Me Laugh

John sent me the link below and I find the site hilarious. Of course, at the same time as I'm laughing, I'm pretty sure whoever writes this site would hate me. That's okay though. Sometimes you need a good hating to keep you on track.

Basically, the sophomoric geniuses behind this site take advertising photos from the Internet and then write about them in the voice of a spiteful, potty-mouthed, drunken, racist, 13-year-old boy with tourettes. I know that sounds kind of offputting, and it is, but for some reason it's also very funny.

The site is called AIDSvertising and the top banner reads: LOOK AT THESE FUCKING ADS! LOOK AT THEM! LAUGH AT THEM! NEW SHIT EVERY DAY FUCK! There's also an entry entitled "Back the Fuck Up Because It's Time for Some Motherfucking Grapes" which includes the sentence, "With all these essential vitamins and nutrients and shit, these grapes are more awesome than a robot caveman punching God in the dick." If the preceding wordage was disturbing to you I definitely invite you not to explore AIDSvertising because it only goes downhill, or uphill depending on your perspective, from there. Enjoy. Or (seriously) don't.



Anonymous said...

You might enjoy this site:


Andrew C said...

This one doesnt have a lot of content, but I still look almost everyday for updates.
Also I rule.
I am handsome
I am a good athlete
I am funny
I am a good cook
I am handsome (again)