#52 (Supplemental) - What Did the Connollys Have for Dinner Last Night?

Goodness me! In my fervor to denounce John McCain I forgot the most important thing of all: Dinner! I'm really going to try to write about this more often because I'm convinced the most important question most of us are faced with each day is, "What's for dinner?"

Last night we had pan seared halumi slices on take-and-bake peppercorn cibbatta bread with salami, chopped herbs, scallions and lemon slices followed by a big salad. (As always, click through for larger images.)

If you haven't had halumi, it's a Greek cheese which doesn't melt when cooked. You simply slice it up, pop it into a medium hot, dry pan and it browns and crisps like, say, a pork chop. The flavor is briney and a little meaty and the texture is slightly squeeky on the teeth. I like to drizzle the crispy cheese squares with the best olive oil I have on hand, a squeeze of lemon, and some cracked pepper. (I don't add salt because the cheese is quite salty itself.) I then like to place the platter in the middle of the table and let the family compile their own little sandwiches. It's a cool and different way to eat and it's really good for the young ones because it's quite interactive.

I also finally took a picture of the cooked version of my home-butchered steaks. Another advantage I've discovered in butchering my own meat is that, since my wife likes her steak a little better done than mine, I can just cut hers a little thinner and they're both finished at the same time.


Maria said...

Sorry buddy, but this is the first time I couldn't bring myself to read your blog. You suck. - Culinarily jealous in San Francisco