#58 - Connolly On The Case

Here's a link to a new feature I'm writing for The Onion's Madison-focused website Decider. It's called Madison Mysteries and it will be a bi-weekly, semi-investigative report on a question the people of Madison would like answered. The first topic I tackled was: Why is there a giant, disembodied church steeple in the parking lot of 734 East Washington Street?

About midsummer this steeple just inexplicably appeared in the parking lot for everyone to see and wonder about. So I went in there one day and got the story. It was so cool to do some actual reporting for once. I felt like Fletch!

It turns out the Story of the Solo Steeple was a twisted tale involving arson, mystery men and stolen wine. You can check it out here.

The question now is, can I buy myself a trench coat and stick a "PRESS" card in my hat?

Exclusive CCOL Bonus Madison Mystery: Let's say you're a regular Madison guy and it's Sunday and you're just completely comfortable in your red flannel bathrobe, your giant orange hunting pants and your slippers but you need to go to the liquor store to buy a case of 40s. Do you change your attire?

It would seem not.

I spotted this guy at my local bottle stop and I actually hung out in the car pretending to send a text message on my phone so I could secretly take his picture.