#3 - Printers

Here's a thought: What if, instead of my printer kind of sending and receiving faxes and sort of scanning things and sometimes copying documents, what if it just...printed stuff?

Honestly, have you ever known a printer that would work, say, three times in a row? Of course not. Because if you took a printer engineer, and doped him up and beat the truth out of him, I'm pretty sure he'd admit that mankind is actually still decades away from a functional understanding of printer technology.

I believe in the not-too-distant future, a class action suit will compel the printer companies to admit that, in reality, printers should still probably be at the stage where they take up entire rooms and cost $300,000.

I think they’ll be forced to issue rebate checks to all their victims along with a letter that says, “Look, we’re sorry. Our understanding of printing theory is really still in its infancy. These things are nowhere near market-ready, but you guys just kept buying the prototypes and we couldn’t resist the money.”