#6 - Underrating the Tenacity of Ladybugs!

When you think, which I know you often do, about the most tenacious survivors in the insect kingdom, you probably give most of the props to cockroaches. Now, there's nothing wrong with that. Cockroaches are definitely superior survivors. But how about reserving a little admiration for the humble, trundling ladybug? I live in Wisconsin where winter is unrelenting and punishing and has very little upside. In fact, just about the only plus our winter concedes is the fact that summer's swarms of bugs have been largely exterminated by the cold. But not the ladybugs. Oh no, my friend! Midwestern ladybugs love them some winter. (They're actually a fresh-off-the-boat, recent immigrant species called Asian Lady Beetles.) These tough old bug broads don't even disrupt operations. They just move on inside and hang out around the ceiling fan and the blinds talking shit about the cockroaches and blowing the minds of any two-year-olds you might have lying around. You go girls.