#10 - When It Rains Just Enough So That I Go To Baseball Practice, But No One Else Does

Stupid rain. At this point in human development, why is rain still a factor? Shouldn't we have figured out by now how to schedule rain? Or at least pinpoint when it's going to happen so I don't put on my cleats and get all fired up just to stand there in a drizzle with two other guys?

And why is it so hard to get people to practice something? These people have signed up for a baseball team, so, presumably, they enjoy spending time playing baseball. And yet, ask them to come practice and they treat you like a door-to-door proselytiser promoting a new religion. Do they think we're going to be running some kind of outlandish Connie Mack camp with 40,000 pushups and running laps and shit? No. We just want to get out and get the team churning a few times so we don't look like idiots when the games start. And it wouldn't be so bad if you got the sense guys were really busy or were going to fabulous parties or something, but I always feel like what they're busy with instead of practice is, basically just "not practicing." As in, watching TV, or sitting on the couch.

Stupid rain.

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