#8 - Many-Pocketed Travel Vests

Oh my god! You're leaving home? You say you're going to another city? One in which you do not currently live? Well my friend, clearly you are going to need at least 70% more pockets, many of them hidden. Why? Well, pickpockets, for one thing. Everyone knows that pickpockets abound in places where you don't live. That's why you always see all the citizens of New York and Paris and Madrid and Berlin carrying their cash in either a moneybelt or a secret vest or hanging around their neck in some kind of giant pouch. You may also be required to enter an airport, in which case, you will definitely want to have your passport and your airplane tickets in some kind of clandestine holding chamber under your armpit. That way, when it comes time to present those documents, you can stand there for ninety minutes searching your vest, pants, shirt, carry on and wallet for the items you've now hidden from yourself. God! You're so worldly! You're like, Indiana Jones, or something!

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