#9 - The Shoe Bomber

Seriously airport security people? We're still doing the shoe removal thing? Look, I know you want travelers to feel safe, but could I just point out that Richard Reid, the Shoe Bomber, was a very obvious maniac whose shoes were about 11-inches tall and had a fuse coming out of them? I could have nailed that dude as a wacko using those "x-ray" glasses they used to advertise in comic books. Okay, I'll run my Puma Cells through the scanner. But does the 17-year-old girl behind me really have to take off her flip flops? Because that teeth sucking sound she's going to make is liable to annoy me even more than the fact that she brought her own pillow. Hey, if I give you all my frequent flier miles, could I punch the shoe bomber in the face?

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