#15 - Weird Smells

Am I the only person who has unidentifiable, untraceable, unsettling smells emanating from various places around his home? Smells that kick up for a few days at a time and then go away, making them all the more exasperating?

We have one suggesting itself from somewhere near the downstairs bathroom right now. It smells like… wet, rotten metal, and I can’t find the source.

My fear is that something has died and is rotting somewhere. But the smell comes and goes in unpredictable ways. If something had crawled into the wall and was in there putrefying, wouldn’t the smell get steadily worse? Instead, our smell will vanish for a few months, convincing me the Earth has reabsorbed the dead stinky thing, but then it comes back. Also, this particular smell is somehow inorganic. It’s almost like the water itself smells bad—a possibility to grim to even contemplate.

Weird smells, please leave me alone! You make me afraid.


gretchen said...

DOOD- I so know that smell. Here we call it "OLD MAN SMELL" (cuz Joe's grampa smelled like it, i think). Nearest I can tell is something being wet, then drying (like behind the toilet or under the dish drying rack...)
if you ever get to the bottom of it, keep me posted

Chris Connolly said...

I still haven't tracked this to the source. And now that we have the dog and the two babies all generation many, many smells, it's only getting harder.