#28 - The Fact That All Vetetables Don't Make Your Pee Stinky Like Asparagus Does

I am fascinated with asparagus pee. In fact, I dare say, it might be my favorite part of eating asparagus. I sit there, munching the savory stalks and wondering just how appalling and foul my pee is going to be. I also like it the following morning, when you've forgotten all about the asparagus, and you pee, and you're thinking, "What the hell happened here?" But then you remember about the asparagus and you're psyched!

But here's my question: why don't more vegetables affect your pee? Why don't we have cauliflower pee and turnip pee and kale pee? Wouldn't that be great? The closest we can get now is to combine asparagus pee with beet poo, but I still feel like there's a missed opportunity there. Come on. Pea pee? That would be awesome!

PS: If you're really, really into asparagus pee--even more than I am--you could get one of these asparagus pee hoodies.

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Olesja said...

What are vetetables? :D