#18 (Continued) - Females Sighted Bringing Their Own Full-Size Pillows On TRAINS, By Race

White: 12
Other: 0

*Thanks to Andrew for this sighting. Although the pillow carriers were spotted waiting for a train, not a plane, this is still a massively important finding. The only downside here is that Andrew reports the 12 white girls, all with their own pillows, were members of a cheerleading squad. This makes me think he might just have been watching an adult film.

*Route: New York - New Jersey

White: 20
Other: 0

PS: Exciting news! I have found and scheduled an interview with an actual own-pillow carrier. Stay tuned to fthefollowing for the important sociological results of my conversation!

(If you sight an own-pillow carrier, please email [email protected] with your tally, their races and your route. Or, alternately, just add the same information in the comments section below.)