#18 (Continued) - Females Sighted Bringing Their Own Full-Size Pillows On Planes, By Race

White: 1
Other: 0

White: 21
Other: 0

*Thanks to Leon in San Diego for this sighting. He says the OPC was around 20-years-old and toted a Strawberry Shortcake pillow. He adds that it was 8 am when the sighting occurred, and that he is feeling increasingly inspired to carry his own pillows on planes. As he is an Asian American male, FtF doubts seriously he will follow through on the threat, but he did also send us this piece on pillow carrying by USA Today's Craig Wilson.

*Route: San Diego - San Jose

(If you sight an own-pillow carrier, please email [email protected] with your tally, their races and your route. Or, alternately, just add the same information in the comments section below.)