#59 - Well, Taht Taks teh Kake!

Although they lack the etched-in-stone idiocy of misspelled tattoos, improper grammar and spelling on cakes has a special, melancholy awkwardness that I find compelling.

Most of these come from a site called CakeWrecks which focuses not solely on grammar but on many various disasters of the cake makers' art.

I think there were two dunderheads involved in this one. The customer, who, in filling out the order form, revealed that he thinks the word, "underneath" is spelled "Under Neat," and the baker or cake decorator who couldn't bring himself to make the executive decision to leave it off the cake.

One thing I learned while seeking out these images is that the word "congratulations" is probably the bane of the cake decorator's existence. It's long, it's hard to spell, and it's probably the third most common cake word after "happy" and "birthday." I get the sense from the cake above that the decorator was so psyched to have nailed "congratulations" that he messed up "wedding."

I like to think this is a misspelling of "grill" not "girl," and that the person the cake is for is a really passionate BBQ pitmaster who's getting a new Webber for his B Day!

Maybe you should stick around.

Okay, good. I vote against No Child Left Behind.

How do they know so soon?

But don't wee mine, please.

Actually, that's pretty impressive for such a small animal.

Of... the public school system?

Again, I prefer to think this is spelled correctly. Here's my scenario: A mob boss was wronged by a man named Joey "Two Thumbs" Conigliero. The Boss sent his men out into the streets looking for Conigliero and after a few weeks on the mattresses they finally tracked him down in a hunting cabin in South Jersey. They beat him to a pulp and cut his body up and they're going to present it to their boss in a festive bag. They had this cake made to commemorate the occasion.

If you have suggestions for further examples of especially painful spelling and grammar errors, please email [email protected].


Joshua said...

"under neat that" is the best. Really mind-boggling to consider such a level of dumb exists. Clearly the person doing the icing is the bigger ass. You speculate the original writer wrote it as "Under Neat", but perhaps the person is a doctor who suffers from acute Doctor Writing Syndrome (DWS) and the icing person who is clearly a dummy, read it wrong.

Why you be hating on public edication? You got learned they're two man.

Kristina said...

I once received a birthday cake that said "Happy Birthday Khristina" where the K was actually a C with a line in front of it. Though several of my friends had handled the cake before presenting it to me, I was the first person to notice it. Totally hilarious.