#31-Two Things I Can Do I Suspect May Be Very, Very Low-Level Superpowers, Plus Very, Very Low-Level Superpowers I Wish I Had and Other Lists

Three Things I Can Do I Suspect May Be Very, Very Low-Level Superpowers:
1. I can craft a reasonable facsimile of any soup without a recipe
2. If I set an alarm, no matter what time I set it for, I wake up just in time to keep it from going off
3. I am immune to hepatitis (Thanks to Stretch for reminding me about this one)

One Thing My Brother Can Do I Suspect May Be A VVLLSP:
1. If he tells you about a TV show he saw, his description will be funnier than if you actually saw the show

Two VVLLSPs I Would Like To Have:
1. I can nap whenever I want just by concentrating really hard
2. I can actually do magic, but my powers are limited to finding selected cards, producing long strings of handkerchiefs and pulling rabbits from hats

One VVLLSP My Friend Ky Would Like To Have:
1. He can make his eyes glow red. No lasers or anything. Just red.

*If you have a VVLLSP of your own, please add it to the comments section below. I am hoping to form a Justice League-like team of Superheroes called The Mild Five.   


chopper93 said...

I suspect that i may have a VVLLSP: the uncanny ability to return to any previously being-watched TV show just as it's returning from commercial.
Does this qualify?

Chris Connolly said...

Oh totally. That's badass, dude. The next time a Supervillain is threatening to blow up the Earth and hijacks the airwaves to make his demands, you, or should I say The Mild Five! won't miss it! I suggest you call yourself The Human Tivo!

gretchen said...

Is it a VVLLSP if it is sorta wak? cuz if it is, mine is the ability to always use the last 3 squares of any roll of toilet paper, thus leaving me responsible to replace the TP everywhere i go.
(and Happy Birthday!)

Chris Connolly said...

What would we call you? The Finisher?

Strizzle said...

You forgot about the hepatitis invulnerability. Now with that power comes great responsibility .

Anonymous said...

my wife is a TV psychic. When we watch LOST she tells me what is going to happen and it does. I also have the uncanny ability to harness the airwaves and bring any crappy analog TV set into focus.Alas my powers will be taken from me with the kryptonite that is HDTV. If only I had used my powers more and shared them with the world!!!

Shannon said...

I can scream really loudly (result of 8 years of singing lessons) and deafen people for about 2 seconds. I'm like the Black Carney, only less effective.