#68 - People Whose Asses Are Wider Than Their Shopping Carts, A Photo Essay

Here's a little photo project I've been working on. These are candid cell phone pictures of People Whose Asses Are Wider Than Their Shopping Carts. I'm looking to put together a wide assortment of these pictures and I'm hoping my loyal readership will help. I'd like the pictures to be taken from the back (we're not looking to embarrass anyone) and the framing should showcase the widenesses of both ass and cart. You can email the pictures to me at [email protected].

As for picture taking tips, I usually just kind of sidle up behind my subject and trail them while snapping the picture under the guise of sending a text message. Happily, People Whose Asses Are Wider Than Their Shopping Carts are usually pretty easy to chase down, and, if you get caught taking the picture, they're also easy to flee from. Happy hunting!


andrea said...

You're kind of like a sort of hero to me... you know that yes?

eliza said...

I almost woke up my son laughing so hard. Am I going to hell now?

Anonymous said...

Your photos made us think of Ogden Nash who wrote:

What's the Use?

Sure, deck your limbs in pants;
Yours are the limbs, my sweeting.
You look divine as you advance --
Have you seen yourself retreating?

Chris Connolly said...

That is surely a much more austere reference than my silly photo essay deserves. But thanks nonetheless.