#80 - Juvenile Hand Gestures!

Why do we stop doing things that are fun just because we get old? Come on, link up with me, you know it's awesome!

Fun right? (Oh, and since you're bound to wonder, that orange thing in the background is called a Rody, and it's an inflatable bouncy toy for when I have my son in my office with me.) In fact, if anything, as we age, we can actually get better at some of these things. For example, check out some of the innovations I've made on the ol' Poke Your Finger Through The Hole To Simulate Intercourse Gesture:

Oh, and of course there's also THIS!

HA! *punch*

Man, that was totally worth it.

No, but seriously, do you think you've got a sweet innovation on the Poke Your Finger Through The Hole To Simulate Intercourse gesture? Does it maybe even have a hilarious name? I'd like to hear about it at [email protected] or in the comments section below. Good luck!


Anonymous said...

Get back to work on the book.

Joshua said...

I completely disagree with Anonymous. The book can wait. This is what the people demand!

Anonymous said...

I guess when you have too much time on your hands, you play with them.

chopper93 said...

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