#130 - Human Verification Software Now Too Complex for Humans

I'm sorry, but haven't we gone a little too far with these things? I was only buying an open water swim buoy. How secure do those transactions really need to be? How many criminal masterminds have set up bots to buy innumerable swim buoys in hopes of crashing the market? The really hard part of this was that "LUMBRAND rentiole" sounds like a real word. So not only was I trying to figure out what the thing said and whether it needed to be in CAPS or not, and trying to accomplish everything before my session timed out, I was also wracked by misgivings about the fact that the humanity verification software had a superior vocabulary to mine. I got the yellow buoy, just so you know--better visibility.


Brendan Casey said...

This Tumblr blog has art based on these Captcha phrases:


Good stuff.

Spaghetti said...

Speaking of captchas, when I went to read the comment here, I couldn't help but notice there was a broken image where the comment captcha was supposed to be. Fantastic. At least a refresh allowed me a chance to post this inane comment.