#144 - Photo Essay: Winter Beach

This is a photo essay I call "Winter Beach." I take a lot of long walks and runs on the beach near my house--although, because "beach walking" doesn't sound tough enough for me, I call it "beach striding!"--and I love the way all the summer paraphernalia looks in the winter. Somehow, I find the idea that these things continue to exist in seasons other than summer very appetizing. I like how these objects we associate with sun and fun don't know we ascribe them those roles and bear up in winter the same way they do in summer. It's like a rose bush, in a way. We think of the flower as the "rose," but I doubt the roots, stems and leaves see it that way.

These pictures are presented in the order they were taken. This essay depicts a single walk down and back across a three and half mile stretch of Long Beach, Long Island. My suggestion is that you open a second window in your browser and listen to this song as you view these. If you click on any image, you'll be rewarded with a larger, higher resolution version of the picture.

Enjoy the beach in the winter.


Vasalaki said...

Great pics dude!!! You're so multi-talented!!! ; )