#111 - A Salute to Brooms

BROOM (bro̵̅o̅m, bro̵om)
A bundle of long, stiff fibers or straws (originally twigs of broom) fastened to a long handle, used for sweeping. In baseball, when the home team is close to accomplishing a sweep (having won the first two games of a three game series or the first three games of a four game series) some fans will bring brooms to the ballpark and brandish them as a way of taunting the other team.

Nimbus 2000, a very fine flying broom used for playing quidditch.

A nice selection of household brooms.

These brooms would be good for a small shop or business.

Couples jump over these wedding brooms in African marriage ceremonies.

These are larger "push" brooms and some squeegees.