#150 - World's Most Badass Sea Glass Collection

As detailed here, each of these pieces of sea glass was obtained at great personal peril. Dangers faced to amass this hoard include sunburn, neck and back pain, eyestrain, over-loud mp3 player use and, of course, death by drowning. According to the endomondo gps-based fitness tracking app I installed on my phone on March 5th, this collection was compiled in 40 days over more than 106.5 miles of night and day striding. I burned around 18,000 calories while stalking these shards and dropped nearly 17 pounds. I also spotted 4 seals, 1 massive beached eel and 0 decomposing prostitute heads.

Blue glass was a shard stalking rarity for a long time, but with the popularity of chic, blue bottled beverages like Skyy Vodka among the bridge and tunnel crowd, it's becoming more common. It's also nice and easy to spot in the surf.

I found all these old school Coke bottle shards in one area, but on different days. I wonder if they're all from the same bottle?

Sea ceramic. I haven't found a lot of it, but it's pretty cool when I do.


Amber Dawn Inventive Soul said...

Very pretty collection of sea glass!
I like your description of sights and perils.

Krista Hammond said...

Like the collection - have you hunted in California yet? Talk about extreme hunting - you should check it out West!

historypak said...

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