#94 - Things I Love and Hate Around My Neighborhood: The High Concentration of Appalling Graffiti on the Apparatus Where My Kids Play

For a relatively small playground apparatus the one pictured above is covered in a very high concentration of appalling graffiti. Not only are the sentiments expressed in the graffiti of a disturbing nature, but the grammar and spelling are also bottom-notch. This one small jungle gym structure has now caused me to question: our local school system, the youth of today and the state of society in general. I would say, while aesthetically and recreationally superior to The World's Scariest Playground, this apparatus is, in fact, scarier.

Wow. I thought Sunshine Aka /Chingchang/ sounded nice.

It seems Sunshine Aka /Chingchang/ aka bolay does not have many fans.

In case you can't read this, it says:
"Red head slut cnt take care of kids. always drinkin, take sex and of her kids!"

Oddly, although the person who wrote that is clearly a savage, fly wing tearer-offer who will spend most of his life in prison, I have to say I believe him on the subject of the red head slut's parenting abilities. Those kids have no chance. None.

This is written on top of a periscope kind of thing. It says, "Insert dick in whole Suckers :)"

Is that a reference to the "whole" in the periscope? Or is it an instruction to find an intact, entire sucker and insert your dick in him or her?

Micha sukks Dikks cvz he cnt get PUSSY! Hav a good Day.

Thanks! I will now!

It's a little unclear in the picture but these are two drawings of penises and one of a vagina. Really? A vagina? I mean, everybody draws penises, but I think this might be one of the first times I've seen a vagina depicted that way. 10 points to Slytherin for creativity.


Anonymous said...

Fny stf.
hope u keep up wit the graffiti posts.
shud b a new reg feature.


~ Jill ~ said...

Has this been brought to the township's attention at a meeting or reported to anyone?

How are little kiddos supposed to play and NOT notice this crap?

The "authors" are the people who will probably be receiving welfare benefits in the near future.

Anonymous said...

I went to a play structure recently with the kids... early morning... and someone had taken a dump on it - either that or it was a very crafty coyote that balanced itself at the bottom of a slide... I should have taken a picture, but I had to wrangle the kids to avoid that - Hey Daddy! Chocolate!