#104 - New Construction Errors

Ask and ye shall receive. Herewith: A brand new collection of puzzling contractor and construction mistakes. If you spot your own, please email [email protected].

Hey, I'll be right there. I just need to wash my hands and then mop the floor.

Seriously, I would do this.

This kind of thing is not nearly as rare as you'd think.

This is one of those deals that starts as a temporary workaround, then, after six months, when everyone's used to it, it just kind of becomes permanent.

If you live in New York, this probably looks like a nice little place. Hey, you could keep your toiletries in the oven!

What makes this outstanding is the intricate, curved bricklaying to the right of the escalator. Yeah, cover it in bricks. It'll look fine.

If there's any justice in the world, this is the bottom of the escalator above.


Hey! You got a flat screen! Sweet!


Handicapped people: You gotta want it!

Welcome to Hedgecock Estates.

C.H.U.D. scared me too, but I got over it before I was old enough to get a job with the city.

These are built fine, I just think it's weird they put the SUPER HOT bench so close to the SUPER COLD bench. I bet it's nice on the MILD bench in the middle though.

Luckily that house is inhabited by two extremely dedicated motorcyclists.

Look, my condolences on your daughter's passing, but there is a sign.

When you have a nice storefront like that, a saggy awning just won't do.

You know what? Why the hell not?

I guess for some people it never got much better than padding, stacking chairs, fans and giant pots.