#91 - If You Build It, They Will Come... And Be Puzzled By Some Of The Choices You Made

While we're on the subject of image collections culled from the Internets, my homegirl Hope--whose blog about living in a thin-floored condo under a hot-to-trot couple with a newborn baby can be found here--sent these my way.

Having done my time working construction I understand how these things can happen. Well, some of them.

Rent isn't the only thing that's steep in this neighborhood.

This HAS to be in New York City. One of those big old pre-war apartments that was rezoned into about 35 little condos. I can almost overlook the electrical outlet in the shower--I guess you could plug it up and hope to survive--but keeping your toilet paper in the shower? It's just not going to work, man.


Who's your architect? M.C. Escher?

I see what you did there. No. Wait. No I don't.

Well, it adds a sense of drama to looking out the window!

This just can't end well.

This one's awesome. What I wonder is, did they build the balconies around the lamp post, or install the lamp post through the balconies? It's clearly a new construction which leads me to believe the lamp post was already there. Can you imagine what a pain in the ass it must have been to frame not one, but two balconies that way? Also, how friggin' BRIGHT is it going to be in that second story apartment?

I can just hear the argument between the architect and the contractor. "Look you son of a bitch, IT WAS IN THE FUCKING PLANS!"

Going up! And... now we're not.

Only very, very lazy people take the elevator to floor 2 1/8.

My Russian's not very good, but I believe this must be the entrance to the Moscow campus of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.


Anonymous said...

That last one might be a test entrance for a transporter manufacturing plant.