What Is Chris NOT Cooking For Dinner Tonight?

I'm not totally sure what I'm going to make for dinner tonight. I'm thinking some kind of chicken-y, rice-y thing with steamed veggies. But I can say for certain what I'm NOT going to make, and that's a motherf**cking can of grasshoppers. I don't care if they're in brine or not. I don't care if they're delish or not, I will not be cooking a motherf**cking can of grasshoppers tonight, so there. Don't try to change my mind, it won't work. In fact, I might stop shopping at the store that sells cans of grasshoppers. I went in there to get some noodles, but I had to bail out because those noodles had been in the same building as the canned grasshoppers. Sorry the picture's so blurry, but my hand was shaking becuase there was a motherf**cking can of grasshoppers in it.


Anonymous said...

Jesus might not hate "What is Chris NOT cooking for dinner tonight". It's a subtle twist that might make all the difference. I like it.