#84 - A Call To Alms

On the heels of my sock unification successes, I have now decided to try to unify the rest of my clothing. I'm already a dedicated Levi's 569 guy. I buy them in all available colors and washes. We've also spoken previously about my shorts. But now I'm going to attempt the impossible: Shirt Unification.

Shirts, of course, are the hardest article of clothing to unify as you need different kinds of shirts for different occasions. It would be pure folly to try to go with just one shirt model for the rest of my life, but I think it should be possible to wear one kind of shirt almost all the time, and that shirt will be this one, black, XL.

For those of you who don't remember, I recently wrote this story for the Alternative Clothing Company, a feel good manufacturer of heavenly, organic cotton garments. Since there is no more money left in the world, I was paid for this piece of writing in clothing. We got a box of Alternative apparel containing numerous yummy things for me, the wife, and both kids. I must say, money is nice, but so is walking around knowing that your whole family is clad in the world's best, sustainable, fair trade, ultra-high grade Peruvian pimo cotton.

Are you an artist or craftsman who's recently worked for barter? Please let me know about it at [email protected].

Trivia Answer:
Why is Charlie Brown bald?
Charlie Brown is bald because his father is a barber and when Charlie Brown feels sad, which is most of the time, he goes in for a haircut to cheer himself up. You heard it here!