#83 - POP QUIZ!

Let's play a guessing game. Take a look at the items above and choose the correct answer from the list below.

What are these things? Are they...

A. $.55, three memory cards and a paper clip?
B. Some of the things that usually sit in a little dish by the base of my computer?
C. The things from the little dish at the base of my computer that are flat enough and small enough for my son to jam into my computer's DVD drive?
D. All of the above.

If you answered D. All of the above, congratulations. Yes, these are the things that I spent the morning fishing out of my DVD drive, which, miraculously, and probably temporarily, still functions. And in case you were wondering, the best tool for fishing $.55, three memory cards and paper clip out of a DVD drive is not, as you might initially have thought, a baseball glove restringing tool, it is, rather, a fondue fork. Which just goes to show that fondue is not only delicious, it's useful too!

Answer to last week's trivia question: Joe Shlobotnick was Charlie Brown's favorite baseball player.

New Question: Why is Charlie Brown bald?


Anonymous said...

What I'd like to know is, why do you own a baseball glove restringing tool? Are you that hard on your equipment man?

Maria said...


Chris Connolly said...

The reason I own a restringing tool is that I'm the guy on your team who knows how to restring a glove. I had a crappy glove that I really loved for a long time and I had to restring it a lot. Now, it's been relegated to secondary status and gets loaned out to guys who forget their gloves.

As for Charlie Brown, that answer will appear in the next post.